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Register a regular RNS name


This guide shows how to register a new .ron domain name for your Ronin address.

In Ronin Name Service (RNS), regular names are available on a first-come, first-served basis with an annual renewal fee that depends on the domain name's length. Regular names are listed as Available.

Renewal fee

Following is the annual renewal fee for regular RNS names.

Name lengthRenewal fee
5+ characters$5/year
4 characters$100/year
3 characters$300/year

Naming guidelines

Following are the guidelines to be observed when choosing an RNS name:

  • Domains can contain the English-language letters a-z, and the digits 0-9.
  • Hyphens can also be used but not at the beginning and at the end of a domain name. Two hyphens together aren't permitted either.
  • The minimum length is three characters.
  • Domain names are case-sensitive and can only contain lowercase letters.

Before you start

Before registering a regular domain, install Ronin Wallet and create an account.

Register a regular domain

  1. Open the RNS app.
  2. Connect your Ronin Wallet. connect-wallet
  3. Search for the domain you want to register, and then select it to open the domain info page. search
  4. The info page displays the renewal fee, domain tier, as well as other details. The RNS registrar requires two transactions to register a regular name: request transaction and registration transaction. Click Register now to begin. domain-info
  5. At the request transaction, complete the following steps:
    1. Select the duration of your registration period in years (1). The minimum duration is 1 year. We recommend registering your RNS name for multiple years to avoid losing the domain to someone else.
    2. Optionally, set this domain as your primary name (2). If you do so, the domain will be displayed as your RNS name in all the RNS-enabled apps and wallets. register
  6. Click Request, then confirm the request transaction. request Wait for a few seconds to get your request confirmed. As soon as it's confirmed, your domain is ready to be registered. wait
  7. Click Confirm to register the domain. confirm
  8. At the registration transaction, click Confirm to pay the renewal fee. transact
  9. After the registration transaction is complete, your RNS domain name is successfully registered. success

You can now see your unique RNS name everywhere across the Ronin ecosystem. To view and manage your RNS names, click Go to My Domains.

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