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1. What are different categories of RNS domains?

There are regular, auctioned, and protected RNS domains. For more information, see Domain name categories.

2. How are RNS domains priced?

The price of an RNS domain name depends on its annual renewal fee, the domain's market price, and a reservation fee. For more information, see Domain price.

3. Why do RNS domains have different colors?

Those colors refer to the domain tier, which indicates a domain's value. For more information, see Domain tiers.

4. What happens if I don't renew my RNS domain?

You can renew your domain's registration at any time during the existing registration and within 90 days after it expires, also known as the grace period. During the grace period, the domain name is reserved only for its previous owner to renew it, and it can't be set as primary.

After the grace period, the domain name becomes available for anyone to register. The domain may still appear in your domain list, but you are no longer the owner. However, you can buy the domain back at any time.

5. Can I register an RNS subdomain?

For the time being, you can only register second-level domains of the form hello.ron. Subdomains such as say.hello.ron are not supported.

6. What happens when an auction ends and nobody placed a bid?

If no bids are placed on an auctioned RNS name by the time the auction ends, the name is reserved for future auctions.