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Katana ( is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading tokens within the Ronin ecosystem.

Key features

  • Swap between pairs of various ERC20 tokens, including wrapping RON to wRON to make offers on Mavis Market and participate in Ronin token launches, and swapping between "main" and "seed" tokens.
  • Create liquidity pools with two tokens to earn trading fees.
  • Add liquidity to existing pools to earn fees from transactions.
  • Create farms to encourage users to contribute liquidity to your pool.
  • Stake your liquidity pool (LP) tokens in a farm to earn rewards in the form of another ERC20 token.

Some features are only available on the Katana web app, while others are available on the Ronin Wallet mobile app and browser extension:

FeatureKatana webRonin Wallet
SwapAvailableAvailable as Wallet Swap
PoolAvailableNot available
FarmAvailableNot available

Each swap transaction using Wallet Swap incurs a development fee of 0.5% of the transaction value.

Get started

View your connected wallet

After connecting your Ronin Wallet to Katana, you can see the amount of RON you own and the wallet address you're connected to.

To view more details, click the options in the top right-hand corner:

  1. Network switch: this allows you to switch between the Ronin mainnet and Saigon testnet networks.
  2. User icon: this opens the page for your connected address in Ronin Block Explorer.
  3. Eye icon: this allows you to hide your wallet balance.
  4. Connected address: this allows you to copy your Ronin Wallet address to the clipboard or log out of the Ronin app.

Approve a token

When you first interact with a token, Katana prompts you to approve it. This means you're allowing a smart contract to interact with your token. This is a one-time action for each token, and the prompts appear visibly before you can continue with your desired actions.

For example, to stake an SLP/WRON token pair, you need to approve it first. Click Approve SLP/WRON, then confirm the transaction in your Ronin Wallet.

Trade "main" and "seed" tokens

Katana classifies ERC20 tokens into "main" tokens and "seed" tokens, which have different risk profiles:

  • “Seed” tokens have a higher risk profile and volatility. They may be designed to be highly experimental and inflationary at their inception. In the user interface, “seed” tokens are marked with a plant icon.
  • "Main" tokens are defined against a non-exhaustive list of factors: depth of liquidity, market capitalization, volumes, and whether the team is verified. For example, RON and WETH have a "main" tag.
  • All newly launched tokens are tagged as “seed.” Tags are reviewed on a regular basis and tokens can be relabelled to "main" after a period of time in the market based on improvements in certain factors.

Anyone on Katana can trade both "main" and "seed" tokens.

For easier identification, "seed" tokens are marked with a plant icon:

When you first interact with a token, Katana prompts you to acknowledge the risks involved:

Note: Providing liquidity involves risks including impermanent loss, especially if asset prices change significantly. We encourage you to assess your risk tolerance before participating.