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Delegator FAQ

1. What if my delegated validator is slashed?

While your validator is punished through slashing, you don't receive staking rewards, but your stake is not affected in any way.

2. Will my staking rewards automatically re-stake to my validator?

You can manually restake the rewards to your favorite validator.

3. Can I withdraw my stake whenever I want without any penalties?

You can withdraw your stake from one of your validators at any time without penalties, as long as it's been three or more days since you last staked with this validator.

4. If I stake RON with a validator today, when will I receive the rewards?

The pool of validators for each day is finalized a few minutes past 00:00 UTC. If you stake your RON tokens today, then your stake will take effect around 00:00 UTC the next day. From then on, you'll start earning staking rewards.

5. If I move my RON stake from one validator to another, when will I start earning rewards again?

Your RON stake with new validator will start producing rewards from around 00:00 UTC the next day. As for the validator that you moved your stake from, there will be no rewards for the current day because the stake is removed.

6. How do I know if my validator is renouncing?

You will receive a notification seven days before the validator's renunciation date. For more ways to keep track of your validators, see Track validators.

7. How can I know if a validator is well-performing?

When choosing a validator to stake with, consider the following factors to maximize your RON rewards:

  • A higher uptime means the validator is more reliable by keeping their node consistently running.
  • A higher annual performance rate (APR) means greater staking rewards.
  • If you're staking to a validator candidate, then a larger total stake means a higher chance that this validator will be one of the 10 validators chosen for block confirmation the next day.
  • Governing Validators (marked with a green checkmark) are guaranteed to always be chosen as validators.

You can always learn more about a validator by clicking their name in the list of validators on the RON Staking page.