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Delegator FAQ

1. What if my delegated validator is slashed?

You do not receive a staking reward while your validator is slashed, but your stake is not affected in any way.

2. Do RON rewards automatically re-stake to my validator?

No, you would need to claim RON rewards with your Ronin Wallet.

3. Can I unstake whenever I want without any penalties?

Yes, you can unstake from a validator at any time without penalties as long as three days have passed since you last staked in to this validator.

4. If I delegate to a validator today, would I receive the reward by the end of day?

Each day's validator is finalized at 00:00 UTC. If you delegate today, your stake will take effect at 00:00 UTC the next day. This is the time you start earning rewards.

5. If I move RON from one validator to another, when will I start earning rewards again?

The stake delegated for the new validator will start emitting rewards from 00:00 UTC the next day, while the stake for the current validator is removed, so there would be no rewards today.

6. How do I know if my validator is renouncing?

You will receive a notification seven days before the validator's renunciation date. For more ways to keep track of your validators, see Track validators.

7. How can I know if a validator is well-performing?

Look at the validator's uptime, APR, and total stake. An active node has high uptime, while an appealing interest rate means greater rewards. A large total stake also helps increase the chance this validator will be selected in the next days.