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Claim or restake your staking rewards


This page describes how to claim your RON staking rewards or restake them to your favorite validator.

How staking rewards are calculated

Your rewards are calculated based on your lowest balance per day. This means that if it's your first day to delegate, you will not receive any rewards for that period because your lowest balance for that day is zero. If it's not your first day to delegate, then consider this example: imagine that your current stake is 1000. If you withdraw 600 RON, then by the end of the day, you will only receive rewards based on the 400 RON left in your stake.

Other things to consider is that you will only get rewards if the validators you chose to delegate to get selected for block confirmation for that day. You might also get less or no rewards at all if your chosen validator is punished due to being unavailable or due to malicious activities.

Claim your rewards

  1. Go to the RON staking page and select the My staking tab.

  2. In the CLAIMABLE REWARDS section, select Claim all. This amount is the reward emitted from your total stake to your validators prior to 00:00 UTC today.

  3. Select Claim now.

  4. Confirm the transaction in your Ronin Wallet.

You can claim staking rewards once per day. After claiming, the next claim will be available at around 00:00 UTC the next day.

Restake your rewards

Instead of claiming the RON staking rewards to your Ronin Wallet, you can restake them to your favorite validator, which will increase your staking power.

  1. In the CLAIMABLE REWARDS section, click Restake.

  2. Select the validator to whom you want to restake the RON, then click Restake. You can select an existing validator with whom you already stake, or choose a new validator.

  3. Confirm the transaction.

After the transaction is confirmed, you successfully restaked your RON rewards.

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