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Upgrade bridge software


This page describes how to get the latest version of the software for the bridge node.

Upgrades are usually backwards-compatible and can contain performance improvements, bug fixes or new features. It's recommended that every node is upgraded as soon as possible.

An upgrade, however, can also be a hardfork, which is usually not backwards-compatible. If your node fails to upgrade before a hardfork block occurs, the data on your node can differ from that on the network. Therefore, it's critical to upgrade your node before a hardfork occurs. All Ronin-planned hardforks are announced seven days in advance on our Discord server and the Ronin Newsletter.

Upgrade bridge version

Every bridge release is published on GitHub. To find the Docker image for each release, visit Github Container Registry.

To download the latest image, follow these steps:

  1. In your .env file, set BRIDGE_IMAGE to the following:
  2. Save the changes.

  3. Run docker-compose up -d.