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Bridge node


The bridge node (GitHub) is an open-source service that acknowledges deposit and withdrawal events on Ronin Bridge—the blockchain bridge that facilitates asset transfers between Ronin and Ethereum.

Who can run a bridge node

Bridge nodes are run by a fixed set of bridge operators selected by Sky Mavis and community. To run the bridge node, you need to go through a governance process that requires approval of at least 70% of the current bridge operators.

Node installation

We offer two different methods of installing the bridge:

  • Using Docker: if you're familiar with Docker, install and run the bridge as a Docker instance. For instructions, see Run a bridge node.
  • Manually: if you're more comfortable using the command line, compile your own bridge binary from the source code on GitHub.

Node upgrade

Keep the node's software up-to-date by upgrading to the latest version as described in Upgrade bridge software.