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Bridge governance

The bridge's governance process is conducted via a decentralized voting mechanism. Each bridge operator a corresponding bridge governor address that is used for proposing and voting.

Bridge operators can propose and vote on the following types of changes:

  • Pause the bridge
  • Add bridge operators
  • Remove bridge operators
  • Update withdrawal thresholds

A bridge operator creates a new proposal for the other operators to vote on. If at least 70% of the operators approve the proposal, the change is approved and executed.

The governance voting method is serial by design: only one governance vote can be held at a time, and that vote must be completed before moving to a new vote.

Conceptually, you can think of the governor as a cold wallet while the validator is a hot wallet.


For enhanced security, store your governor credentials in a hardware wallet and use them only when a vote is required.

Next steps

Create and vote on proposals