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Ronin token - RON

RON is the ecosystem token of the Ronin blockchain. The RON token enables users to pay for transactions on Ronin, includes decentralized finance (DeFi) features like community governance, and utility via staking through validators to earn rewards.

Ronin validators need to hold and stake RON to participate in validating blocks. They are rewarded with newly issued RON. These rewards are divided up among a validator and its delegators based on the RON they have staked with the validator.

Token distribution

The quantity of RON reserved for various network functions, as a percentage of the total existing token supply, follows this distribution:

  • Rewards: 25%
  • Community incentives: 30%
  • Sky Mavis: 30%
  • Ecosystem fund: 15%

RON unlock schedule

The max total supply is 1,000,000,000 and it can potentially be unlocked after 108 months (9 years) if every token that is unlocked is issued. RON tokens were first unlocked on January 27, 2022. While the unlock schedule provides a view of RON tokens unlocked at quarterly time periods, tokens are unlocked on a continuous basis rather than having large unlocks at a specific date every quarter for the actual implementation.

MonthRewardsCommunitySky MavisEcosystem FundTotal unlocked supplyUnlocked supply %
Month 0400,000110,241,6277,697,67130,000,000148,339,29814.83%
Month 14,134,4973,172,158155,645,95215.56%
Month 24,134,4973,172,158162,952,60716.30%
Month 34,134,4973,172,1583,848,8364,832,450178,940,54717.89%
Month 44,134,4973,172,158186,247,20118.62%
Month 54,134,4973,172,158193,553,85519.36%
Month 64,134,4973,172,1583,848,8364,591,152209,300,49720.93%
Month 74,134,4973,172,158216,607,15221.66%
Month 84,134,4973,172,158223,913,80622.39%
Month 94,134,4973,172,1583,848,8364,359,506239,428,80223.94%
Month 104,134,4973,172,158246,735,45624.67%
Month 114,134,4973,172,158254,042,11125.40%
Month 1211,594,6998,972,65915,796,0146,569,254296,974,73729.70%
Month 1512,881,9019,996,32515,796,0146,355,769342,004,74734.20%
Month 1812,139,0349,425,09015,796,0146,150,824385,515,70938.55%
Month 2111,438,6188,886,49815,796,0145,954,076427,590,91542.76%
Month 2410,896,1248,378,68415,796,0145,765,198468,426,93546.84%
Month 2710,273,4707,899,88815,796,0145,583,875507,980,18250.80%
Month 309,686,3987,448,45315,796,0145,409,806546,320,85354.63%
Month 339,132,8737,022,81515,796,0145,242,698583,515,25358.35%
Month 368,610,9806,385,17715,796,0145,082,276619,389,70061.94%
Month 398,118,9106,006,79515,796,0144,928,270654,239,68965.42%
Month 427,654,9595,650,03515,796,0144,780,424688,121,12168.81%
Month 457,217,5205,313,66315,796,0144,638,492721,086,81172.11%
Month 486,805,0784,996,51215,796,0144,502,238753,186,65375.32%
Month 516,416,2064,697,48415,796,0124,371,434784,467,78878.45%
Month 546,049,5554,415,5448,025,7594,245,861807,204,50680.72%
Month 575,703,8564,149,7167,848,1514,125,312829,031,54182.90%
Month 605,377,9123,899,0777,677,6484,009,585849,995,76285.00%
Month 635,070,5943,662,7627,513,9643,898,486870,141,56987.01%
Month 664,780,8373,614,8257,356,8283,791,832889,685,89288.97%
Month 694,507,6393,466,1947,205,9783,689,444908,555,14790.86%
Month 724,250,0523,268,1207,061,1623,591,151926,725,63292.67%
Month 754,007,1853,081,3656,922,1383,530,586944,266,90594.43%
Month 783,778,1962,905,282950,950,38495.10%
Month 813,562,2932,739,261957,251,93895.73%
Month 843,358,7282,582,727963,193,39396.32%
Month 873,166,7952,435,139968,795,32796.88%
Month 902,985,8302,295,984974,077,14197.41%
Month 932,815,2062,164,781979,057,12897.91%
Month 962,654,3332,041,076983,752,53798.38%
Month 992,502,6521,924,440988,179,62898.82%
Month 1022,359,6391,814,468992,353,73699.24%
Month 1052,224,7991,710,781996,289,31699.63%
Month 1082,097,6641,613,0201,000,000,000100.00%

There is a difference between unlocked supply (found in the public unlock schedule) and circulating supply (tokens that are issued out into circulation). Unlocked tokens may not be immediately circulated into the market and it usually depends on a program budget that is planned in advance.

  • Circulating supply increases in the event that tokens are distributed from the original allocations or staking contracts as rewards to users and other parties.
  • It may also decrease in the case where RON is bought back from the market and placed into the treasury.
  • Circulating supply will never be higher than the unlocked supply.
  • Circulating supply of RON can be queried at the supply API endpoint.

Ronin ecosystem fund

The ecosystem fund will initially be managed by the Sky Mavis core team. The fund is designed to grow the Ronin network community. The core principle of the fund is to add clear value to the broader Ronin network ecosystem.