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Request an emergency exit

If you find that your node is compromised, such as when your private keys are stolen, you may be under attack and at risk of slashing. When you suspect that you're being targeted, you can request an emergency exit to protect your node and prevent damage.

Submit your request

  1. Go to Validator Dashboard > your account > Emergency exit.
  1. Read through the terms and then click Submit request.
  1. After your request is submitted, provide evidence of the attack to the Governing Validators in the validator-chat channel on Ronin Discord.


Based on the Governing Validators' vote on your Emergency Exit proposal, your stake may be refunded as follows:

  • If the proposal's approved, your entire self-stake is refunded: 50,000 RON is credited immediately, while the remaining amount is transferred to you the next day (00:00 UTC).
  • If the proposal's not approved or expires, you're refunded the amount equal to your self-stake minus 50,000 RON. The amount is transferred to you after seven working days from the proposal's creation date.

After your emergency exit is complete, you can no longer validate transactions on Ronin and receive rewards. Your status is set to "Renounced."