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Become a validator

This page explains how to register as a validator on Ronin.

Validator roles​

There are three validator roles:

  • Validator Candidate. After following the steps in this guide, you'll become a Validator Candidate and have a chance to be selected as a Standard Validator on the next day.
  • Standard Validator. Every day, at least 10 Validator Candidates with the highest amount staked are selected as Standard Validators. The system records your total staking amount at 00:00 UTC every day for the selection process.
  • Governing Validator. The validators chosen by the community and Sky Mavis to ensure network security. Governing Validators are validators by default, and they account for more than half of the total validator pool.

Register as a Validator Candidate​

  1. Go to the staking dashboard and click Become a validator.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and slashing penalties applied to validators. It's also highly recommended that you read the whitepaper.

  3. Set up your validator and bridge operator nodes following the guide.

  4. Fill in your addresses and specify your commission rate.

  5. Provide the initial stake of RON.



Now that you're a Validator Candidate, we advise that you deposit some RON into the following addresses to avoid bridge operator slashing should you be selected as a validator:

  • Bridge operator address: RON is required to automatically sign transactions on the bridge every epoch.
  • Bridge voter address (if you’re a Governing Validator): RON is required to automatically sign transactions when syncing the set of bridge operators.