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Become a delegator

This page explains how to become a delegator on the Ronin network and view your delegations. The only prerequisite is to have your RON tokens on the Ronin testnet address.

Delegate to a validator

  1. Go to the staking dashboard and click Connect Ronin Wallet.
  1. After your wallet is connected, pick a validator you want to delegate to, and then click Delegate.

To learn more about a validator before making a decision, click the name of the validator in the list to open the validator's details page. You can also click Delegate here.

  1. Enter the amount of RON and click Delegate to initiate the transaction.

Click the arrow next to the estimated yearly rewards to reveal your estimated monthly and daily earnings.

  1. Confirm the transaction.

After the transaction is complete, the system displays a confirmation window.

View your delegations

To view the list of validators that you delegated to, go to the staking dashboard, and then click My Staking.