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Road Map

Migrating to Proof of Stake from Proof of Authority (POA) consensus

As previously explored in the “Consensus” section, the Ronin Blockchain uses Proof of Authority (POA) consensus. Although this mechanism is highly secure, it’s neither scalable nor decentralized since new validators need to be approved by the majority of current validators.

To accommodate for this, our current plan is to move to a more decentralized consensus (like dPOS) in 2022. Some layer-2 solutions like rollups and sidechains are being researched by our core team with the long term goal of enhancing Ronin’s future performance and scalability.

Adding on-chain utilities

We also aim to add useful applications of off-chain games to facilitate the on-chain game development on Ronin. For example, many games need “truly” random value generation to select recipients of rewards. These data will be provided through reliable oracles which connect to the Ronin blockchain.