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Running Validating Node

  • Download the latest version of Ronin manager and uncompress:
$ curl -O -L -k

$ tar xf ronin-manager-linux-latest.tar.gz
  • Move to Ronin manager directory and initialize the environment:
$ cd pkg-ronin-manager-0.9.x

$ cp config/main.env .env

$ vi .env
  • Initialize the environment by filling in your instance name, the private key, the Ethereum endpoint, and by replacing the node image with the current version in the .env file.
# INSTANCE_NAME the name of your instance that you want to display on the stats website
# Private key of validator address, without 0x
# Http(s) endpoint to connect to Ethereum Ropsten mainnet, e.g Infura or Alchemy key

# Replace node and bridge image env keys with
  • Pull the latest image and run node:
$ ./ronin-manager install

$ ./ronin-manager pull

$ ./ronin-manager start
  • After some minutes, verify your node is connecting and up to date with the network at

Optionally you can start node from a snapshot.