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Running Non-validating Node

  • Download the latest version of Ronin manager and uncompress:
$ curl -O -L -k

$ tar xf ronin-manager-linux-latest.tar.gz
  • Initialize the environment by filling your params and instance name (you can check it on later) and replacing the node image with the current version in the .env file:
$ cd pkg-ronin-manager-0.9.x

$ cp config/main.env .env

$ vi .env

# INSTANCE_NAME the name of your instance that you want to display on the website

# Additional Params
RONIN_PARAMS=--http.api eth,web3,personal

# Replace latest NODE_IMAGE
  • Remove the docker-compose.yml file and create a new one. The default configuration is for Ronin validators, running non-validating should use the new one:
$ rm -rf docker-compose.yml

$ vi docker-compose.yml

Your new docker-compose file must contain only node service, it should be like this:

version: "3"
image: ${NODE_IMAGE}
stop_grace_period: 5m
restart: always
hostname: node
container_name: node
- 30303:30303
- 30303:30303/udp
- 6060:6060
- ~/.skymavis/chaindata:/ronin
- SYNC_MODE=snap

  • Pull the latest image and run node:
$ ./ronin-manager install

$ ./ronin-manager pull

$ ./ronin-manager start
  • After some minutes, verify your node is connecting and up to date with the network at

Start node from a snapshot

This is optional.

A snapshot is a complete view of the Ronin Network state at a given block. You can use a snapshot to setup your Ronin node and get it up-to-dated faster.

  1. Stop your node
$ ./ronin-manager stop
  1. Download chaindata and checksum

You can get the lastest snapshot version from ronin-snapshot repository.

$ curl -O -L -k
$ curl -O -L -k
$ md5sum -c checksum-0xe14eea.md5
  1. Uncompress downloaded files
$ tar -xvf chaindata-0xe14eea.tar
  1. Remove the current chaindata folder

Consider backing up this folder before removing

$ rm -rf ~/.skymavis/chaindata/data/ronin/chaindata
  1. Move snapshot data to your chaindata folder
$ mv chaindata ~/.skymavis/chaindata/data/ronin/
  1. Start your Ronin node
$ ./ronin-manager start