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RON is the native token of Ronin, and can be used to pay for gas fees and participate in staking. Like other cryptocurrencies, there are multiple ways to acquire RON on Ronin.

Buy on a centralized exchange

Centralized exchanges are businesses that allow you to buy RON with traditional currency. After purchasing RON from a centralized exchange, you can then send it back to your Ronin Wallet to enjoy Ronin dApps. Centralized exchanges can be restricted in certain geographical locations.

Applicable fees differ between exchanges.

Here's a list of exchanges that support RON:


If you are a centralized exchange looking to list RON, contact us.

Buy on Purchase site

Buy RON using a credit card, bank transfer, or popular online payment methods via the Purchase site. The Purchase site is powered by Ramp Network, which is a registered crypto assets business. Ramp Network is supported in 150+ countries.

The Purchase site applies a Ramp Network fee to your transaction. The fee varies based on the payment method you choose.

The Purchase site can be accessed directly through the Ronin Wallet mobile app. To do so, visit the dApps tab in your Ronin Wallet, and then select Purchase. Alternatively, you can access the site at

Swap on Katana

Katana is a decentralized token exchange on Ronin. It allows you to exchange RON for other Ronin tokens using existing liquidity pools provided by the community. Katana is powered by smart contracts, which means there are fewer geographical restrictions.

Katana applies a trading fee of 0.3% on each swap transaction.

To use Katana, visit You will need to set up a Ronin Wallet before using Katana.

Now that you have RON, stake your RON and earn rewards by becoming a delegator.