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On Ronin, token holders stake their RON to participate in validator selection and in exchange, token holders earn rewards for their service.

The rewards are divided into the staking reward and the bridge reward. Ronin allocates 180,000,000 RON for the staking reward and 1,000,000 RON for the bridge reward. This is to ensure that the network is seeded well enough until transaction fees gain traction. These rewards are primarily meant to jump-start the network, while the protocol is intended to sustain itself on transaction fees.

YearStaking rewardBridge reward
Total allocated RON180,000,000

Staking reward

Validators receive a staking reward and a transaction fee for their block generation efforts. Validators share the staking reward and the transaction fee with their delegators—token holders who delegated their stakes to the validator. Each validator can set a commission rate that indicates the percentage of the self-allocated reward. The remaining reward is allocated to the delegators based on the amount that they have staked.

Validator's commission

Validators receive some commission for running validator nodes to generate new blocks. The validators' commission is independent of the staked amount.

Following is a sensitivity analysis of the expected annual commission for the first 8 years, given the commission rate ranging from 5% to 20%.

Commission rate5%10%15%20%
Year 168,182136,364204,545272,727
Year 268,182136,364204,545272,727
Year 368,182136,364204,545272,727
Year 463,636127,273190,909254,545
Year 554,545109,091163,636218,182
Year 640,90981,818122,727163,636
Year 731,81863,63695,455127,273
Year 813,63627,27340,90954,545

Delegation's reward

Delegators share the reward based on the staked amount and the commission rate.

Following is a sensitivity analysis of the annual percentage rate (APR) for the first 8 years, considering commission rate ranging from 5% to 20%, and the staked supply of 50%.

Commission rate5%10%15%20%
Year 119.19%18.18%17.17%16.16%
Year 212.17%11.53%10.89%10.25%
Year 39.20%8.72%8.23%7.75%
Year 47.06%6.69%6.32%5.95%
Year 55.36%5.08%4.80%4.52%
Year 63.69%3.50%3.30%3.11%
Year 72.76%2.62%2.47%2.33%
Year 81.16%1.10%1.04%0.98%

Following is a sensitivity analysis of the annual percentage rate (APR) for the first 8 years, considering the staked supply ranging from 40% to 70%, and the commission rate of 5%.

% of circulating supply staked40%50%60%70%
Year 123.99%19.19%15.99%16.16%
Year 215.21%12.17%10.14%10.25%
Year 311.50%9.20%7.67%7.75%
Year 48.83%7.06%5.89%5.95%
Year 56.71%5.36%4.47%4.52%
Year 64.61%3.69%3.08%3.11%
Year 73.45%2.76%2.30%2.33%
Year 81.45%1.16%0.97%0.98%

Bridge reward

Ronin allocates 1,000,000 RON to fund the reward for the first year. This reward is divided among bridge operator nodes.